Asset Protection: Robbery Communication & Preventive Measures

FOA/Franchisee Leadership,

We are seeing a trend of increased activity in our stores, and it becomes even more important than ever to work with your stores and communicate the below recommendations for maintaining low cash levels, making frequent drops, wearing the store panic alarm device, and complying with a robbery suspect in the event you are robbed. Please communicate this message out to your members asking them to read and take action with their store teams. The more preventive measures we have in place, and the less reward obtained during a robbery event, the less likely these folks are to return to our stores. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your help in communicating this message!

Asset Protection Alert

 The 7-Eleven Asset Protection Team would like to send you a reminder around robbery prevention in the Greater LA Zone.

7-Eleven recommends:

  • Keeping $30 or less in cash registers during overnight hours – this has shown to greatly reduce the occurrence of repeat offenders.
  • Each individual working keep a handheld remote panic alarm device with them at all times.
  • During a robbery, cooperate fully and quickly with the robber.  Robbers seldom hurt people who cooperate with them.
  • Do not argue with, fight or chase the robber.
  • Give the robber all cash and merchandise demanded.  Most injuries occur when people resist.  Your safety is more important than money or merchandise.

As a reminder, follow these procedures after the subject in a robbery incident has left your store:

  • Lock the doors and call 911 immediately to report the incident.
  • Do not touch anything – law enforcement will conduct a thorough investigation, which includes gathering forensic evidence such as fingerprints
  • Report the incident to the 7-Eleven Asset Protection Hotline – 800-555-2620 – within an hour of the incident occurring to ensure surrounding stores are notified.

Additional information is available in the Operations Manual on 7hub.

Thank you,

Steve Kellison, LPC | 7-Eleven, Inc. | Zone Asset Protection Manager

Greater Los Angeles| Mobile: 714 812-3210 | Email:

Law Enforcement: Email for Request

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