Perspective Magazine

“The Capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance and to view your own task in a larger framework.”

We chose to name our publication ‘PERSPECTIVE’ simply because of its traditional meaning. It seemed to encompass in one word the overall philosophy of the small group which formed our Association way back in seventies.

Today it stands  the “test of time” maybe more so.

Below are the previous editions of Perspective Magazine

June_2014.pdf                   Dec-2013.pdf

December_2012.pdf                    July-2012..pdf

May-2012.pdf                       April_2013.pdf

 4th_Qtr_2010.pdf                     3rd_Qtr_2010.pdf

2nd_Qtr_2010.pdf                      1st_Qtr_2010.pdf

4th_Qtr_2009.pdf                      3rd_Qtr_2009.pdf

2nd_Qtr_2009.pdf                        1st_Qtr_2009.pdf

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