Thank you for your interest in joining our association.

Join the 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association of Southern California & become a member of the largest FOA in the United States.

Why Join FOASC?

As a member of the 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association of Southern California, you receive numerous benefits, including the opportunity to attend educational and informational events, like the 7-Eleven FOASC trade show, and networking and fun outings that benefit local charities, such as our annual golf tournament.

You will also receive free membership of National Coalition.


~ Monthly Members Stated Meetings

~ Monthly Board of Directors Meetings

~ Trade Show

~ Annual Golf Tournament

~ Holiday Party

Workers Compensation: The most competitive group rates in the state through John Barbot Services. Call 1-888-505 7110.

Labor Law Consultation: Free Consulting Service by Attorney at Law Bobby Rupal. Contact: 909-597-2445

Communications: We will continue to be involved at all levels of communications with 7-Eleven Inc. We will continue to analyze and monitor programs, policies and important developments within our franchise system.

The Greatest Benefit: In the final analysis, the only justification for creating an association is to be of service to our members, consequently the greatest benefit may very well be to `be there, when you need us’. Feel free to contact the association at anytime, or contact any Director.

How to add your store(s) to FOASC
Create an accounting case from ISP & follow below step by step instructions:

Step 1: Sign in to 7-Help
Step 2: Click: Create CHD
Step 3: Search: Accounting, Payroll and Ops Support
Step 4: Click: Accounts Payable
Step 5: Click: “FOA/PAC”
Step 6: Fill the form as follows:
>Current FOA – Type: “none”
>Future FOA – Type: “FOASC”
>Amount to be paid monthly – Type: “$5.00”
>Short Description – Type: “Membership of FOASC”
>Description – Type “Please add store number(s): _____ to the FOA Southern California with a monthly fee of $5 to be charged to the account 970”
>Requestor: Your Name/DBA
>Location – Type: “Your Store Number”