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7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association of Southern California

President’s Message – May 2016 – National Coalition BOD Meeting and Annual Trade Show Update

The main topic of discussion during the National Coalition Meeting in Florida is the 2019 Agreement, the minimum wage impact on franchisee bottom line and the expansion of hot food involving more labor.

NBLC, CEO Round Table and the National Coalition Board all three recognize that the three topics are important to franchisee profitability. 7-Eleven Inc. is working on increasing retail center of the store, and they will increase retail of merchandise up to MPP. They estimate a $58 increase in GP every store every day in the Greater Los Angeles Zone.

We are asking that SEI take all hot food write offs. If 7-Eleven is responsible for these write offs, franchisees will not be reluctant to keep the case full, will sample and cook new foods as requested to definitely increase hot food sales.

The 2019 Agreement Committee has submit a list of potentials to SEI, but it has not been finalized. I will keep you updated on the status.

During the change over the audit of the store has been requested that it be done by two different auditors for complete accuracy.

Lastly, last week we had our annual trade show. With 100 booths sold, the show was sold out and a complete success. Vendors are happy. Franchisees are happy. A big thank you to all franchisees who participated and a special congratulations to the grand prize winners:

$2,500 cash: Tahira Niaz

$1,500 Narinder Dhillon

$1,000 cash: Ai Ping Chiu

$750 cash: John Shin

$500 cash: Satinder Johal

Cruise for two to Baja Mexico: Satinder Johal



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