COVID-19 Information and Updates

During this novel coronavirus pandemic, we understand the concern and frustration everyone is facing. We are committed to keeping employees and customers safe. Please remind your staff to stay home if they are feeling sick and to sanitize the store as outlined by 7-Eleven.

We will get through these very difficult and trying times together. Please feel free to reach with any questions you may have.

As confirmed with SEI, per CEO Joe DePinto’s email last week regarding closing stores that franchisees have the choice to remain open or close their store between the hours of 12am-5am. Please coordinate with your Field Consultant as this will be a store by store scenario.

Franchisee options:

  • Remain open
  • Close store for 1-5 hours between 12am-5am and keep an employee on duty to receive shipments and clean/sanitize store
  • Close completely store if you have a staffing problem

If you choose to close and lock your store with no employees and a break-in occurs broken windows are covered by 7-Eleven and any stolen merchandise is covered by insurance.