Joe Saraceno Scholarship Program

The 7-Eleven FOASC is pleased to announce that “Joe Saraceno FOASC Scholarship Program” has selected the award winners for 2021- 2022

The 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association of Southern California is pleased to announce that Joe Saraceno FOASC Scholarship Program has selected the award winners for 2021-2022.

Once again, we will award a four year outstanding student scholarship up to eight thousand dollars and one or two one year grants valued at two thousand dollars each.  We will also continue with the award “Education Assistance Awards”. All of these scholarships, grants and awards are available to all member franchisees, franchisee children, grandchildren and member store employees and children.

We will award five or more $500.00 Education assistance awards to all qualified member franchisees, franchisee children, grandchildren, store employees and their children. 

Award Winners: Coming Soon...